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Chinook Pass Outfitters at Crystal Mountain

Come ride with the real cowboys...

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Our Location is your Destination

Ride with us through the solitude and spectacular scenery of the Cascade Range. Glacier-fed streams ... alpine meadows covered with wild flowers ... unspoiled mountain lakes of the Norse Peak Wilderness, and the Wenatchee National Forest. It's so quiet up here in the high country you can actually hear a bird flying over. The fragrance of pine and spruce blends with flowers, berries, and tundra grass. The creak of saddle leather measures your quiet, relaxed journey under snow-capped peaks and lazy skies.

This high country is our life ... and we are proud to share it with you. Bring your camera ... there is plenty of wildlife up here. You can enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of Mt. Rainier and other snow capped peaks of the beautiful Cascade Range.

Bumping Lake [West Side] location to IS OPEN.
Crystal Mountain [East Side] location to open July 1.
Please call (509) 895-9120 for reservations

~Come ride with the Real Cowboys~

Wrangler Photo Contest.

Post a picture [or a few] of your ride on our Facebook Page with Crystal Mountain Outfitters or Chinook Pass Outfitters this summer and win an autographed copy of Paul Wilson's CD!

Here is the opening scenes of The Hanging Tree which shows Gary Cooper on a trail along the Bumping Lake Road.  This area is so great for riding even Gary Cooper agrees!

Great Horses make Great Memories

Good horses are also part of our life and we take pride in putting' you on sure-footed, trailwise, gentle horses ... with good equipment. We are experienced in this business. Our guides and wranglers make your trip one of contentment and comfort. We run an outfit that is simply a "cut above."
Come ride with us...

After a great day on the mountain, who says you have to go home?  


Trail Rides

West Side: 
Chinook Pass Outfitters@Crystal Mountain
(509) 895-9120
Parking Lot: Upper "C" 
(above large C lot)

East Side: 
Chinook Pass Outfitters@Bumping Lake
Chinook Pass Hwy 410 
90 Bumping lake Rd.

Hunting Camps

East Side: 
Chinook Pass Outfitters, 
Chinook Pass Hwy 410